Monday, February 8, 2010

These Are The Days

These are the days I'm glad to come home to a fridge full of prepped food. I'm feeling impecunious and tired of running a business and that is what often leads to "if I have sushi, I'll feel better." Well, that may be true. But what also makes me feel better is not using food as a coping technique, allowing myself to feel crappy while still acting in a way that leads me towards what I value, and healthy things like that.

So I put on my cooking head-scarf and apron. I chop the leeks & zucchini, I thaw the shrimp, I boil the water for the pappardelle and then I'll mix it all together in a happy blend of pink and green. And I have some wine. And I track it in Sparkpeople and blog about it.

It's cold and I want tea. And warmth.

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