Friday, February 12, 2010

The Endless Day

Well, not endless (because it's about to end with me going to bed at 8:45pm) but filled with 87 errands and non-ideal meal planning.

Breakfast was kashi and milk. Lunch was hummus and pita (forgot cantaloupe.) Then I rushed out of work after my last client to meet Stacey for a walk. We did a fast (and somewhat chilly) 60 minute walk by the ocean (and in my rush out the door in the morning I hadn't chosen ideal clothes but for once I wasn't boiling hot.)

Then after the walk I rushed home to get the dog to bring her to the vet. I swigged some milk and put some dry kashi in a zip loc bag to eat on the way down to the vet. Drove for 45 minutes to the vet (took a wrong turn and realized that I was driving into a prison) then at the vet for about an hour. After the vet had to stop at Trader Joe's for white rice and chicken for the dog. By that time it was 5:30 and I was hungry. I bought some string cheese and some pretzels and ate those on the way home. Stopped at the dry cleaners and the wine store (come on now) and finally back home. Then made rice and chicken for the dog (Trader Joe's doesn't have plain white rice, so she's getting basmati) and a little pizza for me.

I'll track my food in the morning but a quick glance makes me think I'm within my calories, although I could have used more veggies and probably more water.

Plan for the rest of the night: sleep sleep sleep. And not wake up at 4am. Please.
Plan for tomorrow: clean kitchen, gym, lift weights, read some of my new books.

The dog has already perked up which is good. Here she is among the crocuses last spring.

Good night!

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