Sunday, February 7, 2010

I Went To the Gym And It Did Not Suck

I decided to experiment with indoor exercise today at the local "fitness room." It can't really be called a gym since it's just a small room in a basement with weight machines, treadmills, and some horrible elliptical thing (which I barely lasted 7 minutes on). I did not fancy spending time getting all dressed in a million layers to brave the 23 degree weather and then getting boiling hot 10 minutes into the walk and spending the next half hour alternately putting on and taking off clothes so I figured I'd see what working out indoors was like.

I asked if I could buy a day-pass, but they don't have those so they let me use it for free to try it out. The treadmills were full so I tried the elliptical. First I think I was going backwards which confused me and felt weird. Then we I went forward I didn't like the motion or the weird way my feet felt on the pads so I was thankful when a treadmill opened up. The treadmill was as it should be, 4 miles an hour with varying inclines. 30 minutes later I was sufficiently sweaty and my lungs knew something had gone on.

For some reason the last couple of days found me consuming sugar in vast quantities. Like a heroin addict going through withdrawal. It seems to have worked itself out and I'm back to the old favorites of squash, kale and lentils. But it's also important to support your local cupcake store.

Breakfast was eggs on toast and coffee.
Lunch is pulled pork (I made it again and added honey to the final sauce. And instead of just plain water I used water, white wine and apple cider vinegar. Yum.), roasted butternut squash and baby lentils.

I have a bunch of kale and collards to wash and prep, 2 grapefruit to chop and some baby bok choy to make into something. And one last cupcake to eat to get it out of the house....

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