Wednesday, February 10, 2010

For Those of You Keeping Score At Home

I've gained a pound. Nice. I'm sure it's from my new quadricep muscles. Or my new triceps. Whatev. I'm joining the gym on Friday.

Breakfast: Barley Plus cereal. It tastes weird.
Lunch: chili and cantaloupe. Or hummus and pita.
Dinner: seared red cabbage and rib eye?

Exercise: shoveling snow.

It's going to snow today. And I'm out of bread and milk. So now I will be one of those people who is at the grocery store buying bread and milk before a storm. Classic.

Other fun things today: reviewing my budget v. actual numbers for January (hmm, I could also review my budget v. actual numbers on Sparkpeople...), billing some hours and drinking tea. Also, coming up with more exciting things to blog about.

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