Wednesday, February 10, 2010

No Snow

I felt like I ate nonstop today. I could not get full for the life of me. I had first breakfast (the weird barley plus) then had Kashi and milk about 2 hours later for second breakfast.

First lunch was hummus with pita. Second lunch was a cut up hot dog and cantaloupe. Somewhere in there I had pickles.

First dinner was more hummus and pita. Second dinner was the best meal of all: seared cabbage and seared bok choy. So so good. The recipe says its addicting and I fear it is.

The good thing was everything I ate was healthy. Fruits and veggies and fiber. The other good thing was that I was at home so I had way more options of what to eat (and there are no cookies at home, only at the office.) I think I need to incorporate more meat into my diet since that keeps me full longer. And maybe have more for breakfast?

And now I'm done eating for the day. I have given my body the fuel it needs. Whatever else it thinks it needs can be met with something other than food, since it's not actual hunger.

I'm packing up some workout clothes for tomorrow so I can go to the gym on the way home.

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