Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tuesday Morning

I watched the Biggest Loser last night. I don't have a TV so I'm limited to what is on hulu and that was on. It seems like the most wrong show on the planet. How is it healthy for someone who has never exercised in their life to ride a bike 26 miles? How is it healthy to lose 30 pounds or 6% of your weight in a week? That would be like me losing 10 pounds in a week. Sweet, in 3 weeks I'll be done! I just need to bike until I puke, take some laxatives and diuretics and then tie a semi-truck tire around my waist and drag it across a foot ball field.

Anyway, it entertained/disturbed me while I cooked and cleaned my kitchen. I made French lentils (the tiny green ones) with a rose and spice seasoning, couscous and some more kale. And roasted another butternut squash. I love all those nutritionally dense winter veggies to get us through this dark time before the tiny greens of spring renew us.

And as a reminder to myself, here's the link to the Calorie Cycling calculator.
Monday 1636
Tuesday 1416
Wednesday 1964
Thursday 1636
Friday 1473
Saturday 1800
Sunday 1636

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