Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Slug Peers Out Into The Bright Sunlight

Spring is here! It always returns.

I went for my second bike ride of the season today. I went on Wed. on the mountain bike which is heavy and sluggish (a bit like me). But a half hour later my lungs and legs were feeling primed for a spring and summer of flying down the road ways.

Today's ride was on my 10-speed, which is almost 20 years old. I bought it in high school and in the intervenening years I have replaced the seat (post broke going over a pot hole in California), the wheels (stolen when I lived in a sketchy apartment building in CA), the sprockets and brakes and cables and chain (sort of necessary after 20 years). It rides like a dream now and brings me much joy.

Yesterday was more sun and walking 6 miles around Boston. My poor feet have blisters on the bottom despite my good choice of footwear. I want to go to YogaDance tonight and am hoping that I can dance ok despite my injuries.

I have a brisket to cook and want to make this lentil and eggplant dish and hang all the bed clothes out on the line to freshen up in the sun.

Happy Spring!

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