Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I Lied

I lied. I am going to tell you what I ate today. Because when you are keeping track of your food you want company during such a boring chore.

Pre-ride breakfast: english muffin with almond butter.
Post ride: small bowl of grape nuts.
Snack: Chobani pineapple.
Lunch: cheese ravioli & pesto (from farmer's market) with asparagus and cauliflower.
Dinner: bread & cheese upon arrival home (famished) then kale, leek and mushroom frittata, Harpoon Summer Beer.

The key to today was being mindful. Paying attention (via tracking) to what I was eating, noticing what the computer thought I should eat v. what I knew I should eat due to the bike ride (a couple hundred extra cals), making sure I used veggies as the base of my meals and remembering that more protein at lunch makes me happier.

I boiled one of the two dozen eggs I picked up at the farm down the street. Those will be a good addition to my days.

I was awake at 4am this morning (birds, not insomnia) so I'm foreseeing an early bedtime, another early morning and a bike ride with my new sunglasses.

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sarah said...

First, I think photographs are terrible - you are a living breathing person and freeze-framing you is bound to lead to trouble.
Second, I love that you went swimming and rode your bike and felt better.
Third, your food sounds delicious.

My first real change of body was doing yoga every day. I felt integrated, strengthened, elongated, mobile, and more open to what might be possible, rather than figuring I knew what I could or couldn't do or be.

The next big change came from growing a garden of vegetables -- picking wild berries, eating beets... and the greens. Discovering that I love vegetables and whole grains and that I can regulate how much cheese and bread I eat (one of my favorite things). I stopped eating meat and love grilled oyster mushrooms. And I use smaller plates to encourage feeling plentiful with less.. and eat endless quantities of what I call "free vegetables" namely any vegetable with fiber and water more than starch/sweet.

I weighed 200 pounds when my first child was born, hovered around 160 for years at least 10 years.. and am now 140 ... and people can't believe Im 56... it is the yoga, really it is.

Hang in there. I think you are beautiful inside AND out.