Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tuesday Report

The thing about this is that it takes more time. Like the time to actually think about making a well rounded meal, the time to get out my little scale and weigh my food to get my eyes trained again (it turns out that 2.5 oz. of pulled pork is the perfect amount for lunch, 6 oz of broccoli is a little much, and 1/2 cup couscous is just right.) The time to keep the kitchen clean so that there are pots and pans and tupperware to use for lunches. The time to weigh a sweet potato (8oz) check on Sparkpeople what the nutrition is (200 calories) then try to figure out what will go with it to make a cohesive dinner and not just a patchwork of foods designed to meet my nutritional needs for the day. I know once I get into the flow of it I will be fine, but this is like if I had to check my bank balance before I spent money and then make sure I was spending it in the places I needed to be so I ..... wait a minute, I may be onto something here.

Anyway, I walked for 40 minutes this morning and dinner is a sweet potato and some other stuff. 

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