Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Lesson The First (and Second)

Today we learned two things:

1. How to Plan for Dinner When You Have a Late Client Meeting (yes, 6pm is late to me. And I have a 7pm in 2 weeks. What was I thinking? I'm usually in my pj's by 8.)

2. How to Deal When Someone Gives You a Cookie.

We'll start with Lesson 2. You say thank you. You eat the cookie. Because it is homemade and yummy. Then you put in Sparkpeople that you ate a cookie. And you give thanks for the Passover that caused the cookie to have to go out of the home and wander the lands until it found its way into your belly.

Lesson 1. You pack a small and interesting assortment of high protein foods for dinner to keep you full but not stuffed. I packed my little Bento Themos with 2 hard boiled eggs, some pickles (the fresh pickles from Whole Foods), carrot sticks, and almond butter. Then I ate the carrot sticks after lunch and forgot about the almond butter, so I used the cookie to eat that. It was a dear little dinner that lacked for nothing.

I am now home from my client meeting and having a lovely Harpoon Dark Beer. According to Sparkpeople I am well within the ranges for calories, fat, protein, carbs and fiber for the day. And I feel perfectly not hungry/not full. Just right.

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