Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Planning for Success

So, last night after weighing my sweet potato and deciding that a hot dog would go really well with it (both things dipped in ketchup, yum) I figured I'd plan my meals for today. After all, I plan my work day with a to-do list to keep me on track, so why no plan my meals as well.

I decided that breakfast would be raisin bran cereal, and lunch is a tuna sandwich and some green beans. One thing that tracking is showing me (which I sort of already knew) is that I need more fruit and veggies in my day. Thankfully the organic farm will open soon which will make that much easier to do. I have to meet with a client at 6pm, so I need to figure out something to eat around 5:30.

I walked yesterday at 8am, which is sort of too late, so this morning I started my yoga at 7:30, done by 8. I did sun salutations with Shiva Rea, which is always nice. Each day I can start a little earlier, so that ideally I'm starting at 7.

I'm going to experiment with taking sneakers to work today and taking a walk down to the end of the street at some point during the day. I think it might be good to get the fresh air and movement during the day.

Hopefully future entries will be much more exciting but I'm feeling sleepy right now so this is it.

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