Saturday, August 1, 2009

Plan for the Day

Today's Plan:
  1. Coffee (in progress)
  2. Bike Ride (on road bike, unless roads are wet, then on hybrid)
  3. Recycling & trash to the dump
  4. Buy light bulbs (2 in my living room burned out this morning.)
  5. Help Pa clean out the house with the fam, and have yummy food. I have some beets, fresh onions and zucchini to bring for roasting.
  6. Not sure what the tides will be like for swimming down there, may need to go this evening after I get home.
  7. Laugh at the fact that the scale is down to the lowest number yet on this journey. Down 1.4 from last week. Finally. When I looked back at Sparkpeople to figure out what was going on, I noticed that the calorie differential report (the difference between my intake and output) showed that during the weeks that I hadn't lost, my average calorie intake per day was about 200 calories lower than on the weeks that I had been losing. So, I guess upping my calories this week, in addition to cycling them, worked.
Bodies are weird and funny.

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