Sunday, August 2, 2009

Crazy Days

These last 2 days have been crazy. My dad is moving out of his house where he's lived for the last 40 years so my siblings and I have been helping to clean and pack and watch toddlers and make sure the dog doesn't run away and go back and forth about what to toss and what to keep and somewhere in all that eating just goes by the wayside. (Wine and beer drinking strangely don't go by the wayside) but the end result was I got home last night at 10 pm. having had about 1000 calories over a day that involved a 50 minute bike ride, a 45 minute round trip walk to the beach and lots of throwing stuff into the dumpster (and squirreling away the sterling silver into my car.)

Today was slightly better. Breakfast of eggs and goat cheese on english muffin, a little cheese and few crackers for lunch and then finally home to then unpack, cull and repack into pretty boxes the photos, letters and papers from generations past. There is a pile of sterling to be polished, but that will have to wait.

Right before I passed out from hunger I made dinner - shrimp, leeks, mushrooms, zucchini, tagliatelle pasta with a little butter and parmesan cheese. Ah, finally veggies. I still need to make some things for lunch for the week. Maybe roast some veggies, poach some salmon and cook a grain. I may have to make something that involved thinly slicing veggies on my new-to-me mandoline slicer.

And then I have to sleep.

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