Sunday, August 16, 2009

Starting The Week Off Right!

My cold/sinus thing is gone. Yay! Wonderful way to start the week. And I finally put the AC in the window so I could feel human and cook and clean. It made such a difference. I don't usually need it unless it gets over 90 for a few days, but it is a very nice thing to have when it does get that hot. Now that the sun has set, the windows are open again.

I julienned a bunch of veggies - carrots, zucchini, beets - and steamed them before adding a little butter. Then I poached some salmon, and made some fresh ravioli that I got at the farmer's market. What a lovely meal! Everything except the fish was local. The fish was from Trader Joe's which means it was probably horribly harvested and over-fished but I like to think that it all balances out. The meal will be repeated at lunch tomorrow.

Then at 6pm I biked down to the beach for a swim. It may have been the best swim of the last couple years. The water was so perfectly chilling after this hot and humid day, the sun was quiet again and on it's way down. Not too many people, just enough to say "isn't this heavenly?" to. (Well, and that weird chatty guy. But by then I was so happy to be floating in the water that I chatted right back.) I swam and floated for almost 40 minutes, until the goosebumps came and the veins in my wrists that had been so valiantly trying to cool me down all day were thin as pencil lines. I rode home without drying off, and after a quick shower to get the salt off me I can say that I am sufficiently chilled. The goosebumps are still on my arms and legs.

I am hoping the swimming and biking will lead to peaceful sleep. As I was floating around I thought "I could sleep in the water, it is so peaceful" but I think that would lead to drowning. There was a sail boat moored in the cove, and I wondered if people would sleep on it.

Being in the water just makes me happy. And being chilled and tired when I get out of the water makes me happy.

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