Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I'm Molting

Little Jane. 1996 - 2010. She never like the camera. But she sure liked me.

All the things I've loved and that have kept me safe and housed and tethered are falling away. Like pieces of armour dropped on a long march.

My dog, who died today in my arms.

The Boy, who is gone.

My hair that I cut off.

My apartment that I'm leaving soon.

It makes me wonder what I'll find up ahead when it's just me and my skin out there.


Loo said...


sarah said...

i am sad for your loss of Little Jane. i hope you can feel the gentleness of the air on your face and sense that your feet will carry you. i believe that those we love are always in us. the path before you offers more than all that you have ever had. impermanence is the way of all of us and everything around us. it is not a positive or negative aspect, it just is so.

be well. enjoy the summer days and nights. you are not on your own. there are lots of us out here who care about you.