Saturday, December 12, 2009


Last weekend at this time I was in the woods of Maine with the fam, seeing the first falling flakes of the season. They kept falling into the night and we awoke to a beautiful snowy day. No snow here, but certainly a chilly day. It has me wondering about frozen ponds and ice skating.

I have not exercised in a while. I thought it was because it was cold, but that's not true. I have plenty of warm winter clothing. Sometimes I am just a lazy slug. The thing is, when snow-showing weather comes, I will wish my lungs were stronger. So, I will commit to some walking this week, even if it is only from parking really far away from Williams Sonoma when I go there to buy myself a sweet hand mixer today. Yeah, because going to the mall 2 weeks before Christmas is an awesome idea!

Breakfast was english muffin with butter and jam.
Lunch is a mystery. Maybe tuna?
Dinner will involve potatoes and leeks - soup maybe?

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