Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Yoga Mood-rah

More yoga this morning. This time it was 30 minutes from the Kripalu Moderate Yoga CD. Table poses and standing poses and some forward bends. My poor hamstrings were a bit shakey during some of the forward bends. I didn't realize that I'd stretched them so much with Seane Corn, but I guess I did. I was in a bit of a funk this morning and was hoping the yoga would lift my mood. I'm not sure if it did.

Breakfast was eggs, broken into the pan and scrambled with the spatula since I was too lazy to prescramble them. Lunch is an odd mixture of brown rice, black beans and salsa. I have some plain yogurt and raisins and a little peanut butter as a snack. It was starting to get hot in my house this morning, so I was just sort to throwing things into containers.

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Amy! said...

Your odd lunch is one of my fav combos!!!!!!