Monday, July 7, 2008

Sore Arms and

I can tell that I did yoga yesterday. All of those (that?) chaturanga are making themselves known in my triceps, and my hamstrings can tell that they did something yesterday and my sides know there were twists involved. It feels good, though.

The party was nice yesterday. We had hamburgers with homemade ketchup (not made by me) and some yummy goat cheese brought and some garden lettuce and lots of fun.

I slept until a little before 7 today, so I didn't walk but I did sit for about 10 minutes.

And because it was muggy and I didn't have any bread, I had no breakfast and couldn't figure out what to bring for lunch that didn't involve cooking. What I ended up with was a bowl to cook the mushroom soup that I have here at the office, and then I put some of the brown rice into the Bento with a dab of butter, and put some peanut butter and raisins in the other section of the Bento and figured that should get me most of the way through the day. I'm about to go heat up the brown rice for breakfast.

I might try tracking my calories on Sparkpeople again for a little while. Just for kicks.

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