Sunday, May 8, 2011

I Feel Lucky

I'm sitting here on a gray Sunday afternoon, there are birds chirping outside, I just (mindfully) ate some poached chicken with a glass of milk (vegetables will come later), and I'm reading another Geneen Roth book, Lost and Found: Unexpected Revelations About Food and Money, and thinking about my life and my relationship with money and food and suddenly I'm struck by how lucky I am.

How lucky to be alive to have this day.

How lucky that I have discovered people like Geneen Roth, and Tara Brach and to have the chance to improve my relationships with money and food and myself during this lifetime.

How lucky and blessed I am to have a body that functions and moves me places, a mind that is still functional.

How lucky I am to be filled with peace, not because every thing is fine and will be fine, but because whatever happens just happens. And then more stuff happens. And that is how life just goes on. And I'm so blessed to be here for it.

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Betsy Jackson said...

Bravo! I am having a day a bit like your lucky day...allowing myself to move through my day (mindfully)...teach a yoga class, walk with my husband, clean a closet, fold some laundry, take the dog out, write, pick my kid up from school early to go see her Pop Pop.

Lucky for all of it. "not because everything is fine and will be fine, but because whatever happens just happens."

Thanks, as always, for your fine writing and ideas.