Friday, November 26, 2010

Run Down

So I've been walking like crazy this week. I walked 5 miles yesterday. I just kept going. And every so often I felt like running. So I'd just start running until I stopped. Then I hack up a lung because it was like 30 degrees and windy and made it hard to breathe. Then I'd walk my little heart out some more. Then went back out last night for a half hour walk.

The night before I walked out the door and was hit by such a blast of cold air that I just started running and before I knew it I was half way down the street. Then I walked more. Then ran, then walked.

Today, my quads hurt. Like worse than mountain climbing. And my knees are wondering what I did. And my shins think something might be up. I'm trying not to blame it on age. But I'm thinking we'll take it easy on the running for now. Walking is just fine and I can get the bike out if I need speed.

But I walked 40 minutes tonight. It was so pretty and just the right temperature.

According to my little tracking system I have walked 535 minutes so far this week, and burned 4057 calories. Sweet. Let's see if we can get it up to 600 by tomorrow.

Thank heavens for my jacuzzi tub.


Ti Voglio Bene ♥ said...

Amazing progress! And congrats on over 4,000 calories burned!

Betsy Jackson said...

Thinking a walk out in the night air with my new dog, Chewy, might be the ticket. Love this piece. Remembering our walking under the Vermont moon.
Cold air, clearing the head. Walking saves my life daily. Writing too. Keep doing both, please!

Heather said...

Miss hearing your voice and perspective. Hope all is well.