Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Yoga Class I'd Like to Take

Enough people in the room so the energy was good, but not crowded. Lights down. Gaura Vani and his band in the front. Harmonium. Drum. Chanting. Then the teacher, and this is the most important part, instead of shouting over the music or talking incessantly through each pose, acts like a conductor - silent, or maybe just whispering the name of a pose and then the students are free to get in it, explore it, breathe. But the teacher is quiet. Silent. Until "tree" she whispers and we find our trees. They sway, they stand tall. "Flow" he whispers and we go where our flow takes us, with the music. "Floor" they whisper. And we make our way to the floor. Bending forward and back, doing what our bodies want all the while the music is playing. "Still" they whisper and we lie there, while they come around and tuck us in and we listen to the music.

And then we all wake up and sing.


Sarah said...

what a gorgeous feeling this evokes for practice! thank you. thank you.

Claudia said...

Interesting experiment, although not my cup of tea since Ashtanga took over my world, I can definitely relate to the feeling of having enough space to actually practice instead of all those distractions, maybe that is what led me to mysore after all... great post