Friday, October 31, 2008

When in Doubt - Roll it Out (Your Yoga Mat, That Is!)

Went to yoga again last night. Work is not my favorite thing these days - I keep feeling like I should be doing something other than what I am doing, and the twitch that was in one eye is now in both eyes so I figured some Lunar Flow/Yin yoga would be good. And it was. There were only 3 of us in the class, so we got lots of hands-on assists with the postures which I really like, even she had me drop down a little further in chair pose, or utkatasana. Your mind gets a little clearer when your quads are saying "hey, remember me?"

The Yin part of it was poses held for a minute or more. And you are relaxed into the pose so that your muscles can fully relax and stretch. It wasn't a strenuous, painful stretch, but finding your edge and holding it there and breathing. Then after a while of that, we moved to the Lunar Flow which was slowly flowing between poses, holding the poses for a breath or two or three. She helped us work on our alignment which is something I miss when I practice at home.

As we were lying in Savasana, the thought ran through my head "let's see, class is over at 6:45, then I'll go to the dining hall for dinner which ends at 7:30." My mind thought I was back at Kripalu for a moment, and when I realized that I was not there and would actually not be going down the hall for dinner, I got a little sad.

I bought a ten class card, so I will be going back again. The studio is warm and peaceful, and so far the instructors I've had have been quite good. And class ended with Om and Namaste, which I always like.

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