Sunday, October 26, 2008


These muffins are the Lynne's Muffins from Laurel's Kitchen.  They are oatmeal, buttermilk, honey and sunflower seed muffins. Topped with butter that I made yesterday, honey from the organic farm, and a few grains of pink Hawaiian Sea Salt. 

I've been researching chickens on . I've already figured out that I can have up to 15 without having to get a permit, but I will probably have 4 -6.  I'm figuring out how to make a strong, safe coop and run for them and was checking out the coop at the organic farm.  Theirs was much bigger and had about 25 chickens which all came out cooing when we went to check them out.  

I figure I have until February to build the coop, since that is generally when chickens are ordered. 

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