Friday, August 6, 2010

Hike Prep

Study map.
Check out gossip blogs.
Check email.
Figure out to to get to trailhead.
Fill hydration system and water bottles.
Make a cheese sandwich.
Pack almonds and chocolate chips.
Pack 2 ProBars.
Make a PB & J sandwich.
Prep coffee machine.
Set out coffee mug and travel mug.
Lay out hiking clothes.
Pack drive-home outfit.
Pack change-in-the-parking-lot-skirt.
Remember flip flops for drive home.
Mentally review contents of car: hiking shoes, poles, bug spray, hat.
Remember father's admonition to coat feet in Vaseline to avoid blisters.
Realize you have no Vaseline.
Consider using Lush hand lotion but don't want to waste it on feet.
Assume feet will be fine.
Re-check all clothes.
Head to bed.

I'll be in the hills if you need me.

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